Scotsman/howe rapid freeze follett bin bonus


Subject: Scotsman/howe rapid freeze follett bin bonus
scotsman howe rapid freeze model 4000 rl
4000 lb flaker removed from late model
supermarket 4/99 mfr date 230/1 ph
excellent condition includes ice bin system
remote condensing unit not included
system please note condensing unit is
available new or used if needed request
follett carts 2 ea for ice transport
1. Heavy duty industrial gearbox for smooth operation.
2. Efficient, gravity fed water distribution and ice harvesting systems.
Stationary, vertical design - no refrigerant seals to leak.
3.All Howe Flakers produce "Original" Flake Ice, containing over 17,000 sq. ft (1,580 sq m) of surface area per ton of 100% dry, subcooled, 22°F (-5.6°C) ice.
4. One moving part that distributes the water, dries and removes ice from the freezing surface.
5. Massive oil impregnated main bearings provide greater bearing surface for longer life.
6. Grease fittings to lubricate bearings.
7. Large insulated water sump tank re-circulates and pre-cools the water until all water becomes 100% ice.
8. Squeegee removes excess water and dries the ice.
9. High flow capacity water pump with motor windings out of the water area.
10. 25 Year industrial chrome-moly evaporator surface warranty, providing excellent durability.
11. 3" (76mm) of CFC-free foam insulation.
12. Multiple refrigerant choices, including HFC's, Glycol and Ammonia.
13. Rugged high torque open drip proof drive motor. (Optional TEFC motor).
Unlike most other flakers, all Howe model numbers are based on daily capacities you can depend upon
by using ARI conditions of 70°F / 90°F (21°C / 32°C) and 100% ice.
The cut away picture from the previous page will allow you to locate the position of the parts as well as showing that Rapid Freeze® Flakers are an open vertical stationary "barrel" style evaporator. Each evaporator is an all welded, one piece design which provides superior structural integrity and heat transfer characteristics. The heavy duty construction accounts for a 25 year life time evaporator warranty. The barrel style evaporator allows the ice to fall through the center of the evaporator and avoids extruding the ice to the top like commercial flakers. This design eliminates the bearing loads created by extruding ice which accounts for the short life of commercial flakers and high maintenance.
The ice blade is made of investment cast stainless material. The investment casting process assures that razor thin tolerances can be maintained indefinitely. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant which is important particularly in areas with poor water quality. The ice blade never comes into contact with the evaporator, which accounts for its long life. Since the blade was introduced in 1986 The factory has rarely sharpened or replaced a stainless steel blade.
The rubber squeegee is constructed of a USDA approved material which is resilient enough to provide years of service without replacement. It assures that 100% of the daily ice production is completely dry, crisp flake ice which contains more than 144 BTUs per pound of ice because it is sub-cooled. This is an important feature when comparing Rapid Freeze® to a commercial flaker, because none of the commercial units use a squeegee. As a result 20-30% of the daily ice production in a commercial flaker is water which runs down the drain.
The bronze bearing and shaft thrust washer included are impregnated with a lubricating oil, grease fittings are also provided. The bearings are oversized to provide a lower level of friction on the interior surface. This assures a very long life and substantially lower maintenance cost compared to commercial flakers.
The advantage of Rapid Freeze® flake ice offers over the "granular" ice produced on commercial machines is the greater surface area, dryness, louver temperature and longer life. Rapid Freeze® flake ice contains over 17,000 sq. ft. of surface area per ton. This equates to approximately 2 times the surface area of "granular" ice. Greater surface area provides more contact with the product to assure better cooling. The temperature of Rapid Freeze® flake ice measures approximately 22 degrees Fahrenheit when harvested. This sub cooled ice contains more than 144 BTUs per pound which assures a substantially longer life than "granular" ice.