Schulz 15 hp 120 gal horz air compressor with starter


Subject: Schulz 15 hp 120 gal horz air compressor with starter
15 horsepower two stage 208/230/460
120 gallon horizontal receiver
51.2 cubic feet of free air at 175 psi (Heavy Duty Series)
You pick the freight carrier to save money.
· Slotted crankcase bolt holes
· All components CNC machined
· Easy access to adjust belt tension
· Deeper cylinder fins for heat dissipation
· T.E.F.C. motors standard 10/15 HP
· Oversized inline check valves
· Counter balanced crankshaft
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Founded in 1963 as a small foundry in Joinville, with just 26 employees and producing its own range
1972 – The Air Compressors range was started with two models.
1977 – The company began the construction of its new factory.
1978 – The foundry started operating in the new factory.
1979 – Schulz began producing parts for the automotive sector.
1982 – The first spoked wheels are fabricated, in normal in-line production.
1983 – Exports of the air compressor range begin.
1985 – Schulz Compressors becomes leader in the whole of Latin America.
1989 – The Air Compressors range operates from the new factory.
1989 – The Rotary screw Air Compressors launched, becoming the only genuinely Brazilian company
1993 – Schulz begins to offer machining services.
1994 – Acquisition of Tecnomecânica, manufacturer of Wayne brand compressors.
2000 – Schulz acquires a modern powder system for final painting of parts, seeking to offer
2001 – Automotive parts begin to be exported.
Nowadays, Schulz has a strong and competitive presence in the automotive market, able to offer
machined and non-machined parts for buses, trucks, tractors and other segments
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