Schleuniger fiber optic cable stripping machine


Subject: Schleuniger fiber optic cable stripping machine
Schleuniger Fiber Optic Cable Stripping Machine
You are viewing a used fully functioning Schleuniger brand cable stripping machine Model FO7045. This machine is considered the standard in the field of fiber optic cable stripping.
This machine is specifically designed for the complete processing of jacketed fiber optic cables in preparation for connectorization. The FiberOptic 7045 strips the outer jacket, Kevlar, secondary and primary coatings on all common single and multi-mode cables. The machine is capable of a maximum stripping length of 75mm and a maximum of 4.5mm in diameter. As it is fully programmable, cable stripping programs with up to 9 steps can be stored and selected for 99 different fiber optic cables all in an extremely user friendly manner. The clearly defined programming keypad and display guarantee ideal working conditions.
Programmable processing parameters:
* Open blade prior to stripping (wayback)
* Temperature of heating elements
* Schleuniger FiberOptic 7045
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