Sbs-4000 stationary battery string analyzer cta-4000


Subject: Sbs-4000 stationary battery string analyzer cta-4000
SBS-4000 Stationary Battery String Analyzer
Application: Tests individual lead acid cells or monoblocks
Voltage: 1.0 – 15.0 Volts DC
Conductance: 100 – 19,990 Siemens
Test Data Storage: 480 consecutive test results can be stored internally
Accuracy: ± 2% across test range
Calibration: Auto-calibration prior to every test, no future calibration required
Temp. Operating Range: 0 to ±40°C, 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -20 to 82°C
Over Voltage Protection: Fused protection to 16 V & rev. polarity protected
Housing Material: Acid resistant ABS plastic
Tester Dimensions: 9” x 4” x 2.5” (230 mm x 102 mm x 65 mm)
Case Dimensions: 19” x 15.5” x 5” (750 mm x 610 mm x 200 mm)
§ Quick, simple, safe and accurate operation
§ High ampere-hour testing capability
§ 16 internal memory registers capable of storing 480 consecutive test results and overall string statistics
§ Enhanced backlit display and screen resolution
§ Voltage logging only option
§ Quick reset option for erroneous test entries
§ Measures individual cell and overall string health and voltage
§ Consistent, repeatable on-line testing without discharge to batteries
§ Tests 2-volt through 12-volt batteries on-line or off-line
§ Provides advanced warning of potential battery failures
§ Test each cell in under 10 seconds and entire string of batteries in just minutes
§ Helps prioritize battery cell and intercell strap integrity
§ Test both battery cell and intercell strap integrity
§ No external power source needed
§ Portable IR wireless printing and data transfer to PC laptop
§ User definable battery reference number storage and fault thresholds
Accessories Included in SBS-4000 Kit
§ Infrared temperature sensor
§ Both clamp and probe cables
§ Spare fuses, printer paper, 9-V batteries, probe tips
§ Wisconsin, Florida, California, Michigan, and Illinois residents pay sales tax.
§ 12-Month free replacement warranty
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