Savant speedvac plus-SC250DDA RVT4104 trap & OFP400


Subject: Savant speedvac plus-SC250DDA RVT4104 trap & OFP400
Savant SpeedVac Plus-SC250DDA RVT4104 Trap & OFP400 Pump
Savant SC250DDA centrifugal vacuum concentrator
RVT4104 Refrigerated Vapor Trap
Effectively condenses and traps a wide variety of solvent vapors that can contaminate and degrade vacuum pump oil. Easy-to-use glass condensation flask (GCF400) allows for the collection of liquid into a self contained jar for easy draining. Rapid cooling time minimizes waiting period.
* Ultra low -104oC temperature traps high volatile solvents
* Digital Display of temperature
* Easy-to-remove Solvent Flask for quick emptying and changeover
* CFC-free Cooling System eliminates the need for consumable coolants such as dry ice and acetone
The OFP400 Oil-free Vacuum Pump is designed for a wide variety of laboratory applications. It has high chemical resistance, quiet running and eliminates oil mist vapors because it doesn't consume or require any oil to operate. Less mess, less fuss.
* Quiet, efficient operation
* 4-headed design with chemically resistant solid ETFE and PFA heads
* Recommended for use with acidic environments such as HCl, TFA, Acetic and Formic Acids as well as organic solvents
* Easily connects to any SpeedVac system