Sapphire duplex slitter/rewinder


Subject: Sapphire duplex slitter/rewinder
80" Used Ashe Sapphire Duplex Slitter/Rewinder. This machine was built in 2001 and has under 100 hours running time. The owner's business changed and they have decided to sell it. It is equipped with a shafted roll lifting unwind stand with web guide for 40" diameter rolls. Slitting is done using 12 shear knives and the rewind diameter is 24" without top idlers. The three motor drive is designed for tensions of 1.2 PLI at 500 FPM. These drives are easily upgraded for higher speed and more torque if desired. The cantilevered rewind shafts are air button type and do not slip. These also can be configured to slipping differential if needed. Rolls are moved onto a unloading trolley. Also equipped with a bowed roller and venturi type trim removal system. 208 V, 3PH, 60 HZ. This machine is located at our facility.