SF4300 ac tech variable motor speed control drive 30 hp


Subject: SF4300 ac tech variable motor speed control drive 30 hp
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SF4300 AC Tech Variable Motor Speed Control Drive 30 HP
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This truly flexible sub-micro drive gives you the compact size you need for your panel layout while delivering on the functions and features your process demands. While the SCF can be applied for demanding variable speed applications it’s size and price make it a viable alternative to DC drives, Two Speed Starters, Reversing Starters and Soft Starts.
Supply Power: 400/480VAC, Three Phase, 50/60 Hz
Motors: The SCF is designed to operate standard polyphase induction motors from 0 to 240Hz. Operation to 1000Hz is optional.
Enclosure: Rugged IP20 with finger safe terminals.
Easy Set-up and Operation: The SCF is easy to use right out of the box or can be customized to meet your specific requirements any one of four convienient ways
* From the front of the drive
* From the remote keypad option
* A PC (and AC Tech’s free TechLink Software)
* The innovative EPM Programmer
Motor Thermal Overload: The SCF is an approved motor protection device for single motor applications by UL and cUL.
Control I/O: 18 isolated terminals provide 5 logic inputs, 2 logic outputs, 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs plus RS485 Modbus Serial Communication.
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