Ruldolph autoel iv ellipsometer (3 wavelength, mapping)


Subject: Ruldolph autoel iv ellipsometer (3 wavelength, mapping)
Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer uses light at 3 different wavelengths.
Excellent condition - used lightly in a government QC lab.
Automatic sample stage accomidates samples or wafers up to 6": movement can be pre-programmed or controlled via joystick . Will automatically measure, display and print 1 or multiple points on a substrate and print measured values, averages, etc.
Easily replaced tungsten halogen lamp with interference filter configuration for 633, 576, 405nm measurements. Includes Micro-spot optics to allow measurements in areas smaller than 50um.
Digital video and monitor of measurement region.
SECSII Interface for computer control.
Integrated software makes measuring n, k, and t for single and multilayer films easy.
Unit is tested using Rudolph oxide standard and guaranteed operational.
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