Royal master centerless grinder


Subject: Royal master centerless grinder
Serial # 1358 New 1980s Model # TG12X3
Grinding Capacity: .004" to 1.5" Diameter
Max. Part Length for Infeed Grinding: 3"
Max. Grinding Wheel Size: 12" Diameter x 3" Wide
Min. Grinding Wheel Size: 10" Diameter x .25" Wide
Max. Regulating Wheel Size: 6" Diameter x 3" Wide
Min. Regulating Wheel Size: 4" Diameter x .125" Wide
Max. Regulating Wheel Angle of Tilt for Thru Feed Grinding: 6 Deg. Left or Right
Grinding Wheel Speed: 2040 RPM (Subject to Verification)
Regulating Wheel Speed: Infinitely Variable, Range Unknown
12" x 3" Diamond Grinding Wheel
Hydraulic Regulating Wheel Dresser
Coolant Tank (No Coolant Pump)
Manual Infeed to Regulating Wheel
Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 208-230/460 Volts
Overall Machine Size: 60" L-R x 30" F-B x 60" H x 2,300 Lbs.
Coolant Tank Size: 24" L-R x 18" F-B x 35" H