Rosetta resolver system by rosetta biosoftware


Subject: Rosetta resolver system by rosetta biosoftware
The Rosetta Resolver® system is a comprehensive gene expression analysis solution that incorporates powerful analysis tools with a robust, scalable database designed for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and research centers of excellence. This total solution for gene expression analysis is customizable and extendable to an organization’s informatics platform and to the unique research goals of its scientists.
About the Rosetta Resolver System
General features of the system
This system was purchased in November 2002. The invoice shows EUR 719.000 for the system.
It has had continuous service and updates by Rosetta Biosoftware.
Last update was version in July 2004.
Features of system version 4.0
We are offering a complete system including sipment and the first time installation in your office. The software is already loaded on a sun server.
For any information, please contact us or send us an email.
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