Roof rover


Subject: Roof rover
A roofer-veteran with 27 years of experience said:
No matter if you “small” or “big”; this simple device will help you grow
Instead of carrying torn down old roofing material around or throwing it
on the ground and then picking it up; this simple cart is easy to bring and
Goes up to 11 ft, is only 4 ft. wide, light, fit on pick-up truck easy to operate,
The Roof Rover is the solution!
The Roof Rover is a distinctive, self propelled, piece of equipment that saves you time and greatly decreases your workload as you remove and dispose the old roofing material. This piece of equipment has many features designed specifically to make it possible to place the old shingles directly off the roof into the container of the Roof Rover. It's design also helps to protect the homeowners landscaping and property.
The Roof Rover is very resourceful, allowing it to go where nothing else can. It can fit in nearly all tight spaces where other machinery has no chance. The lift features allow its container to sit over top of bushes and provide the ability to reach back under the roof overhang. Once it is stationed under the roof overhang you simply push all your waste directly off the rooftop into the Roof Rover. And dump it in the garbage container.