Roi three cube inline cubicle set desks files partition


Subject: Roi three cube inline cubicle set desks files partition
This set of office furniture is perfect for those who already have the space, and need to get the furniture to fill it.
This set is currently set in an inline configuration. You may also be able to reconfigure this to suit a different layout of your liking. The following items are included in each cubicle:
* Two Front Pannels* & One Side Pannel*
* One Lockable Three drawer storage with file drawer and sliding pencil & pen holder (top drawer)
* One Lockable Two Drawer File Cabinet
* Two crescent shaped cut-outs for wires, cables & cords.
*The two front pannels on the one unit are high, at about 7-8' tall. The other two units each have half-high front pannels. Additionally, the side pannel on all of the units are somewhat shorter than the half-high pannels.
Click on the ROI Furniture Diagrams link below for more information about size and layout.
This furniture is aproximately 2 1/2 years old, and is in very good condition. There is some wear, which is noted below.
To see the current set up of this furniture, please check the ROI Furniture Diagrams. This will open up a PDF file in the new window (you may need to disable your popup blocker). You should refer to the Office 1, for information pertaining to this listing (pages 4&5 in the PDF file).
I have noticed the following flaws in this item:
* Some of the base boards on a few pieces had minor nicks, dents & or scratches.
* Some of the corners on the end pannels might have been slightly worn.
Other than these minor blemishes, we didn't notice anything majorly wrong with the furniture. If you would like to inspect these pieces before purchase (and we recommend that you do); we will work with you and the seller to schedule a private viewing time that meets everyone's schedule.
We here at Black Cat Enterprise have examined this item, and used the information from our observations to create this listing. Any information that we may have obtained from any outside sources, including the owner/seller of this piece, will be appropriately noted.
Whom holds all responcibility for the information in this listing.
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