Rohde & schwarz nrp rf power meter


Subject: Rohde & schwarz nrp rf power meter
This Rohde & Schwarz has only been used once and is still in original manufacturer's packaging. It comes with 5 Day ROR and 30 Day Warranty.
The NRP RF and Microwave Power Meter is suitable for research and development, production and mobile service as well as the analysis of broadband modulation signals of third-generation mobile radio. In research applications, the NRP excels with high measurement accuracy and a dynamic range of 90 dB. This applies to broadband signals of any modulation, including RF bandwidths beyond 100 MHz for wireless LAN. The NRP base unit accommodates up to 4 sensor heads, and displays all four measurement results at the same time. Alternatively, the sensors can be connected directly to a PC via USB interface. Applications in manufacturing test also benefit from the instrument's high measurement speed, its ease of use, and remote controllability. The NRP is lightweight and robust, and operates over a wide temperature range. This makes the instrument an excellent choice also for installation, service and maintenance in the field.
* Dynamic Range of 90 dB Through Innovative Multipath SMART SENSOR TECHNOLOGYâ„¢
* High Measurement Speed Saves Time in Manufacturing Test
* Sensors Retain Calibration Data in Built-In Memory, and Are Immediately Ready for Measurement
* Accurate Measurement of Average Power Regardless of Bandwidth and Modulation
* Multislot Measurements for Common Time Division Systems (e.g. GSM/EDGE, DECT)
* Intelligent Sensors Can be Operated Directly from PC via USB Interface
* Up to 4 Sensors Can Be Plugged into the NRP Base Unit
for 4-Channel Measurements