Rohde & schwarz ads dual arbitrary waveform generator


Subject: Rohde & schwarz ads dual arbitrary waveform generator
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Dual Arbitrary Waveform Generator
ADS is provided with two independently programmable synthesis channels. Thanks to its simple channel synchronization facility and precise phase setting, the ADS is ideal for generating complex signals.
* (1) Rohde & Schwarz ADS 1012.4002.02
* Convenient editor functions for creating user-programmable waveforms, ARB sequences and ARB sweeps
* 12-bit amplitude resolution
* 64-Kpoints waveform memory per channel
* Sine synthesis with high spectral purity (0.1 Hz to 5 MHz)
* Generation of triangular waves with high linearity (0.1 Hz to 100 kHz)
* User-programmable frequency sweep
* ARB sequence mode for generating signals with extremely long periods
* Memory card for waveform libraries
* Options: ADS-B1 (Clock Generator: resolution improved by a factor of 4000 to further enhance the accuracy of setting the period of ARB signals)
* Firmware Version: ADS/AMS V2.05
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