Rohde schwarz CMD55 digital radiocommunication test set


Subject: Rohde schwarz CMD55 digital radiocommunication test set
ROHDE - SCHWARZ - CMD55 Digital Radiocommunication Tester
ROHDE - SCHWARZ - CMD55 Digital Radiocommunication Tester
The Rohde Schwarz CMD55 is capable of testing GSM1800 (formerly named PCN or DCS1800) and GSM1900 (formerly named PCS or DCS1900) mobile phones. The CMD55 combines small dimensions with high measurement accuracy and speed. The CMD55 range of capabilities includes all signaling, generator and measurement functions required for verifying the correct operation of the DUT (Device Under Test). Thanks to its fast go / no-go tests and accurate analysis using optional extensions, the CMD55 is equally well suited for R&D, production and high-end service and production. Additional CMD55 test capabilities: To test mobile phones, the CMD simulates a GSM900, 1800 or 1900 base station. One of the two RF synthesizers available for this purpose delivers a continuous BCCH signal while the other one provides all 8 timeslots for TCH signals.
CMD-B1 - OCXO reference oscillator CMD-B19 - GSM1900 mobile and base station test.
CMD-B3 - Multifrequency reference input/output
CMD-B4 - Fast power ramp, phase/frequency error & BER measurement
CMD-B41 - Includes audio frequency (AF) generator, voltmeter, distortion meter and frequency counter
CMD-B42 - High dynamic range burst analyzer. Enhances the dynamic range to more than72 dB
CMD-B43 - Carries out GSM measurements of spectrum due to switching and modulation according to the GSM, GSM18 and GSM1900 recommendations faster than any spectrum analyzer
CMD-B44 - Audio multitone option based on DSP techniques.
CMD-B6 - CMD-B6 Adapters for B6x options.
CMD-B61 - IEC/IEEE 488-bus interface. Remote control alternative to the RS-232-C interface fitted as standard.
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