Rohde and schwarz FSIQ26 signal analyzer / rent


Subject: Rohde and schwarz FSIQ26 signal analyzer / rent
Rohde and Schwarz FSIQ26 Signal Analyzer with options B4, B5, B7, B17, and B22
The Rohde & Schwarz FSIQ26 provides comprehensive and easy-to-use measurement functions in the: Frequency domain, Time domain, and Modulation domain. In the frequency domain, FSIQ26 measures inter-modulation and harmonics with gre
* Amplitude Range: +20 dBm - -145 dBm
* Dynamic Range: 1 Hz - 10 MHz
* Frequency Spans: 1 Hz - 10 kHz
* Number Of Channels: 20 Hz - 26.5 GHz
This unit has the following options:
* B05:FFT Bandwidth: 1 Hz - 1 KHz
* B07:Vector Signal Analysis
* B17:2nd IEC/IEEE Bus Interface
* B22:Increased Level Accuracy up to 2 GHz
This item also includes Power Cord and a CD copy of Documentation Set
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