Robopainter usa air brush robotic painting machine


Subject: Robopainter usa air brush robotic painting machine
RoboPainter USA Air Brush Robotic Painting Machine
? Paints Custom-art Designs onto Virtually all Surfaces – The RoboPainter paints on horizontal, vertical and even curved surfaces! Additionally, the RoboPainter paints on fabric, glass, stone, metal, plastic and virtually any type of surface.
? Uses Specially-formulated, Water-based Pigments for Easy and Quick Removal – The image wipes right off with a cloth and an alcohol-based solvent.
? No Decal Removal Costs or Damages – No scrapers or other implements are needed to remove the image, just a cloth and an alcohol-based solvent. There is no risk of damage to the surface at all.
? Graphics can be Temporary or Permanent – If a more permanent image is desired, such as for a number of years, a clear-coat finish can be applied to the image.
? Works well for Promotions, Special Events or New Product Introductions – The RoboPainter can paint vehicles, walls, rugs, blinds, glass and virtually all surfaces; when the campaign is concluded the images wipe off easily and are ready for a new image to be applied!
? Environmentally Friendly – No special application room, such as for paint booth, is needed because the water-based pigments are environmentally friendly. Additionally, there is no waste and no discarded materials need be sent to the landfill.
*RoboPainter USA is a proud advertiser in Airbrush Action Magazine. Please see our ad in the August 2006 edition of Airbruch Action Magazine.
Item is for local pickup from Chino, Ca. Frieght services are available upon request. Charges depend on final weight of crate as well as destination.
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