Ricoh aficio 1027 digital copier


Subject: Ricoh aficio 1027 digital copier
We deal in low copy count machines some under 50,000 and rarely over 100,000 copies.
Not only does the Aficio™1027 offer advanced functionalities, it is also very easy to operate. Equipped with a user-friendly LCD touch screen, this multi-functional system guides you intuitively through all jobs whether simple or complex. And thanks to the strategically located application keys, switching between the system’s different functions takes seconds.
To keep track of the number of copies/faxes/prints each user in your office makes, you can depend on the Aficio™1027’s User Code function. By assigning codes to users you can manage the number of copies/faxes/prints they make and the functions they can use. This will in turn allow you to accurately allocate costs and reduce unnecessary expenses.
Optimised Modular Productivity
As office demands increase, so does the need for a highly productive multi-functional system. With the Aficio™1027 wasting valuable time and energy running from one office device to the other is history. This all in-one system combines copy, fax, print and scan capabilities and allows you to benefit from all these functions in one time and cost-efficient modular unit. QSU technology ensures that any copy/print job is carried out extremely quickly. With a superb continuous copy/print rate of 22/27 ppm, the Aficio™1027 will meet any deadline. Moreover, duplex productivity equals the simplex copy speed guaranteeing swift output. And as this system warms up from “Sleep Mode” in only 10 seconds, waiting time is minimal.
To meet all today’s copy/print requirements and produce professional looking documents, the Aficio™1027 boasts an excellent copy/print resolution of 600 dpi. Additionally, scanning at 256 greyscales allows for crystalclear image processing and makes sure digitising is done in the most professional way.
Unique Multi-functional Efficiency
Offering high speed and optimal control,
the Aficio™1027 will bring about an amazing increase in the overall productivity and efficiency of your small and mid-sized workgroup or department. Practical in operation and high on image quality, the Aficio™1027 is the ideal multifunctional system to support you in your daily office work.
The Aficio™1027 can be operated by anyone thanks to the system’s user-friendly LCD touch screen. Copy Key Document Server Key Application Keys (Fax, Printer, Scanner) Sample Copy User Tools/Count Touch Panel Screen Check Modes Program Clear Modes Energy Save Interrupt
a variety of originals such as non-standard documents or magazines. Whether copying,printing or faxing, paper type and thickness are no problem for the Aficio™1022/1027 as it supports paper types ranging from A6 to A3. Paper thickness of up to 157 g/m
2 can be handled from the second paper tray. If you want to print on special paper like company letter heads, cards or non-carbon required paper, you can use the Tray Lock function. You do not have to worry that the wrong paper is used as the printer will stop as soon as the special paper tray is empty.
With the Aficio™1027, superb quality copy output is guaranteed at all times. Originals are scanned only once and stored into memory from where they can be reproduced as often as needed. Thanks to this “Scan Once, Copy Many” principle, the highest copy quality is maintained, no matter how many sets you make. Independent of how you position originals in the Document Feeder, thanks to Image Rotation the Aficio™1027 will make perfect copies every time. If the available paper supply does not match the original, the Aficio™1027 will rotate the image so that it does. As a result you do not have to worry about the position of your original and you avoid misfeeds at the same time.
No need for continuous refilling thanks to the system’s two standard 500-sheet paper trays font
This not only saves you time, it also ensures better output quality at the receiving end as the original document on PC is immediately sent by fax. To further optimise time saving, you can also simultaneously send faxes with LAN FAX and receive incoming faxes thanks to ScanRouter™ Professional.
To further optimise your fax traffic and make the whole process more time-efficient, selecting recipients is carried out in seconds with the Aficio™1027’s 400 standard Quick Dial numbers. Moreover, there is no need to copy books or non-standard originals such as magazines before faxing them as they can be scanned directly from the platen glass. And thanks to the optional Document Feeder you are able to send up to 50 pages at a time, including double-sided originals. In addition, you can save on paper costs by receiving double-sided faxes with the Aficio™1027’s Duplex unit.
With an impressive G3 modem speed of 33.6 Kbps and ultra-fast transmission speed of 3 seconds, the Aficio™1022/1027 swiftly deals with all your office’s heavy fax traffic. Scanning is done in a mere 0.8 seconds and you can effortlessly scan multi-page documents into the fax memory thanks to the system’s 50-sheet Document Feeder. Additionally, the system’s multi-port facility allows you to send and receive faxes at the same time. Upgradeable to up to three lines (2x G3 and 1x ISDN/G4) that can be used simultaneously, this is ideal for heavy fax users. You can boost the speed and accuracy of the Aficio™1027 fax module by upgrading it with a G4 modem. Data is transferred at a super fast 64 Kbps, which will drastically reduce transmission costs.
Higher Efficiency and Quality Faxing
Faxing does not necessarily include walking up to the machine to send faxes thanks to the Aficio™1027’s PC-fax software. You can now transmit faxes directly from your own computer or any other PC in the network.
In your competitive business environment, fax traffic needs to run smoothly. By upgrading the Aficio™1027 to a high-performance central fax, your office will undoubtedly gain from its outstanding capabilities. These include high speed, convenient Quick Dial numbers and a professional network PC-fax option. Moreover, you can even send and receive faxes at the same time. Scanning multi-page documents into the fax memory is very easy thanks to the system’s 50-sheet ARDF.
The Aficio™1027’s modem speed of 33.6 Kbps and the possibility to send faxes through LAN FAX guarantee ultra-fast faxing. Transmitting faxes directly from your own PC saves you paper and time and even ensures better output quality at the receiving end.
With the Aficio™1027’s standard printer languages PCL5e/PCL6 and optional Adobe
┬« PostScript┬« 3™, printing is completed in the most time-saving and cost-effective way. Yet, fitted with Ricoh’s new standard RPCS™ driver, this system boasts a fast-processing and easy-to-use Driver User Interface that allows you to save your own print settings under a special icon. The next time you print via RPCS™, a simple One Click will handle your print job exactly the way you want it. The result? Less misprints saving you paper and costs.
Time- and Cost-saving Printer Control
Equipped with Ricoh’s state-of-the-art SmartNetMonitor™ software, the Aficio™1027 becomes a complete print monitoring solution. SmartNetMonitor™ lets you customise the display of status information, set user privileges and obtain job statistics of the number of pages printed. And while helping you keep count of all print jobs, this software allows for stringent cost control at the same time.
The Aficio™1027 makes scanning a very straightforward and user-friendly process. With the greatest of ease you can scan originals such as books and magazines straight from the platen glass. For large jobs and documents up to A3, the Aficio™1027 boasts an optional fast-feeding ARDF, capable of scanning multi-page documents to any PC in the network.
Accurate Network Printing and Scanning
Equipped with SmartNetMonitor™ software, the Aficio™1027
becomes a complete network monitoring solution. For extra user-friendliness you can save your own print setting under a special icon.
To fully optimise your office’s efficiency, the Aficio™1027 offers various professional distribution possibilities. Users connected to the network can re-print, re-fax or digitally re-distribute any of the data stored on the Aficio™1027’s Document Server. Documents and print jobs stored here, including all job settings, can be retrieved at any time for on-demand printing. A simple operation that will give you enhanced productivity.
You often need information from various electronic sources such as text files, spreadsheets and slides. Integrating this material into one presentation is usually time-consuming. Thanks to the Aficio™1027’s Job Binding function you can now merge files created in several electronic formats (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint
The ever-increasing piles of paper in your office can easily be tackled. With the Aficio™1027’s optional Document Server, documents are digitised in a flash. Documents originating from copy, print, fax, PC-fax and scanner data can be stored on the system’s optional Document Server, which serves as a central document storage centre.
Taking Charge of Document Management
Managing the information that comes to you daily from various sources is not an easy task. With Ricoh’s optional Document Server and new software installed, the Aficio™1027 becomes a central document manager, set to streamline your entire document flow. It allows you to store, manage and distribute all your workgroup’s copy/fax/print and scan data in the most efficient way.
DeskTopBinder™ V2 Lite allows for efficient document management from the network or your own desk. Information from text files, spreadsheets or slides can be easily merged with the Aficio™1027’s Job Binding function. The Aficio™1027 makes sure that creating a professional presentation is no longer time-consuming.
Twin Laser Beam Scanning and Electrophotographic Printing x
Flatbed with Moving CCD Array Image Sensor x
600 x 600 dpi (Scan/Copy/Print)
32/64 MB RAM & 6.0 GB Hard Disk Drive
Recovery Time (from Energy Saver Mode)
5-1/2” x 8-1/2” to 11” x 17”
93%, 85%, 78%, 73%, 65%, 50%, 25%
25% – 400% in 1% increments
* Paper Size: 5-1/2” x 8-1/2” to 11” x 17”
* 1000 Sheet Paper Bank (500 sheets x 2 trays)
* Paper Trays: 5-1/2”x 8-1/2” to 11”x 17”
* Bypass Tray: 5-1/2”x 8-1/2” to 11”x 17”
* Large Capacity Tray: 11” x 8-1/2”
* Paper Trays: 16 lb. Bond to 24 lb. Bond
* Bypass Tray: 14 lb. Bond to 42 lb. Bond
* Large Capacity Tray: 16 lb. Bond to 24 lb. Bond
* Internal Tray w/Bridge Unit: 250 sheets
* Internal Shift Sort Tray: 500 sheets
* Finisher 1,000: 1,000 sheets
21.7” x 23.8” x 27.9”
Refurbished by experienced technicians as follows:
* Fully cleaned and inspected
* Tested and guaranteed no DOA
* Free Delivery within 350 miles of Portland, Oregon
Toner Yield - 11,000 copies approx @ $35.00
1 year parts and labor warranties or service contracts available.
These units can be upgraded with additional paper trays based off of availability. If you are interested in adding this contact us for current pricing and availability.
Note: Our copiers are equipped to accomadate most users needs, without having to upgrade.