Reznor caua 200


Subject: Reznor caua 200
The CAUA Series is the perfect model for use in tight mechanical rooms. It replaces the common and time consuming practice of "Twinning" two residential furnaces with a single Supply for gas, electric power, supply & return duct plenums and venting. It also provides more capacity for heat and can introduce outside air for makeup air to the space.
Standard functional features include a tubular aluminized steel heat exchanger, a removable burner rack, and centrifugal blower(s). The burner rack is an assembly of inshot burners designed to provide controlled flame stability without lifting or flashback. Standard controls include a single-stage gas valve; direct spark ignition with 100% shutoff; a direct-drive blower motor; a power venter; a combustion air pressure switch; and a safety limit switch.
Operation is controlled by an integrated circuit board that includes an LED diagnostic indicator light. The circuit board monitors heater operation and indicates normal operation as well as identifying any abnormalities in the control functions. The unit is designed to be installed either as a separated-combustion power-vented system or as a standard power-vented system. As a separated-combustion unit, combustion air is ducted from the outdoors and vented to the outdoors by using an approved vent/combustion air intake concentric adapter kit. As a power-vented unit, air for combustion is taken from the space where the heater is installed and vented outside using an approved vent cap.
Standard model CAUA units are floor-mounted, vertical heaters designed to provide a "heated" environment using return supply air flowing from bottom to top. The top of the unit has a discharge air opening with a flanged duct connection. With the addition of an optional cased cooling coil (model ACU), the blower(s) can also be used to provide a "cooled" environment. The cooling capacity ranges from 60 to 180 MBH(5 to 15 tons). Standard airflow capacity is for 1.0" w.c. ESP; optional drives provide airflow capacity up to 1.5" w.c. ESP on sizes 150 and 200 and 2.0" w.c. ESP on sizes 250- 400.
Model CAUA Series units have a five (5)-year limited warranty against defective operating components and a ten (10)-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger.
* Burner rack with in shot burners
* Direct ignition with 100% lockout
* Single-stage combination gas valve
* 230 volt, open/dripproof, direct-drive blower motor with internal overload protection
* Tubular aluminized steel heat exchanger
* High temperature limit control
* Pressure switch to verify vent flow
* Integrated circuit board with LED diagnostic indicator light
* 24-volt control voltage transformer
* Insulated indoor cabinet with return airflow from bottom to top
* Vertical discharge outlet with duct flange
* Corner indicators to allow the installer to customize location of the return air opening (either rear, right side, leftside, or bottom)
* Choice of power-vented, separated-combustion or power vented only installation
Options /Accessories - Factory Installed:
* Orifices for high altitude (2001-9000 ft)
* Tubular stainless steel heat exchanger
* Two-stage combination gas valve
* Adjustable belt drives for up to 2.0" ESP with open dripproof, totally enclosed, or premium efficiency motor
* 208 single phase supply voltage
* 208/230/460/575 three phase supply voltage
Options /Accessories - Field Installed:
* Model ACU cased cooling coil
* Horizontal or vertical concentric adapter combustion air/vent kit
* Filter cabinet with 2" filters (assembly required)
* Mixing box with damper(s) with selection of actuators and controls with or without filters (factory assembled)
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