Reznor 400E


Subject: Reznor 400E
These models are used as heating components in heating, heating/cooling, or makeup air systems and require a separate blower system for air delivery. The furnace has a Reznor® Thermocore® aluminized steel heat exchanger with venturi-design tubes. The die-formed burners are of aluminized steel and include flared ports with a stainless steel insert.
The HX Model does not include finger baffles and is approved for a temperature rise range of 20°F to 75°F.
Standard features include a manual match-lit pilot and a single-stage,24-volt gas valve. Model HX units are wired for field connection to aremote 24-volt thermostat for automatic operation. Each unit is provided with all required limit and safety controls, including an energy cutoff (ECO)and a blocked vent shut-off system.
2. For air inlet temperatures below 40°F or temperature rise less than 40°F, an optional stainless steel heat exchanger is recommended.
3. For temperature rise and pressure drop see tables.
4. Blower must be placed on entering side of furnace.
5. Approved for installation downstream of an air conditioning coil (optional drain flange, stainless steel heat exchanger, and stainless steel burners are recommended).
6. Not approved for residential use.
* Aluminized steel heat exchanger
* Aluminized steel burners with stainless steel insert
* 24 volt control voltage transformer
* Single-stage combination gas valve (see note 1)
* Side access for burners and controls (left side facing air stream)
* Horizontal or vertical flue discharge
* Energy cutoff (ECO) device
* Blocked vent shut-off system
Optional Features - Factory Installed
* Unit equipped for propane gas
* E-3 (409) stainless steel heat exchanger (see note 2)
* 321 stainless steel heat exchanger (see note 2)
* E-3 (409) stainless steel burners (see note 2)
* E-3 (409) stainless steel drip pan (see note 2)
* Spark-ignited intermittent safety pilot with electronic flame supervision
* Spark-ignited intermittent safety pilot with electronic flame supervision and timed lockout
* Electronic modulation - 50%-100% firing rate
* Burner air shutters (required on units equipped with propane gas)
* Terminal blocks for connecting field wiring
* 208/230/460-volt alternate supply voltage
* Right side controls (facing airstream)
Optional Features - Field Installed
* Electronic room override (makeup air applications only)
* Thermostat guard with locking cover
* Manual shut-off valve and union
* Power venter with venter adapter
* Condensate drain flange kit
* Disconnect switch (UL Listed)
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