Reverse osmosis unit 75 gpm


Subject: Reverse osmosis unit 75 gpm
Aqua Media model RO-1S double pass brackish RO rated at 75 gallons per minute. First pass is in a 3x2x1x1 array, second pass is in a 2x2x1 array. Equipped with a Leeds & Northrup 7084 analyzer controller, 3 Thornton 770 PC's, and a GLI model 63 ph meter. Overall dimensions are 158 inches long x 72 inches wide x 100 inches high.
3x2x1x1 First Pass, 2x2x1 Second Pass
Pressure Vessel Length, Diameter:
Pressure Vessel Rating, Material:
Leeds & Northrup 7084 Analyzer Controller
3 Thornton 770 PC's, GLI Model 63 PH Meter
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