Reverse osmosis unit 320 gpm


Subject: Reverse osmosis unit 320 gpm
Ionics double pass brackish reverse osmosis system rated at 320 gpm. The first pass is in a 9x5 array, the second pass is in a 6x3 array. Instrumentation includes 2 Thornton 770 PC's, 2 Bailly PH meters, 6 Newport flow meters & 1 Newport pressure monitor. This a a new system, never installed. This system needs a pump sized for your application. Overall dimensions are 26 feet long x 89 inches wide x 128 inches high.
9 x 5 First Pass, 6 x 3 Second Pass
Pressure Vessel Length, Diameter:
Pressure Vessel Rating, Material:
2 Thornton 770 PC's, 2 Bailly PH Meters, 6 Newport Flow Meters, 1 Newport Pressure Monitor
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