Reverse osmosis unit 25 gpm


Subject: Reverse osmosis unit 25 gpm
25 GPM Brackish Reverse Osmosis Unit
US Filter model MOD-RO-C244 25-30 gpm ro unit, used in excellent condition. System is equipped with 8) 4 inch x 4 long membrane housings in a 3x3x2 system array. Membrane housing pressure rating is 600 psi. Unit is equipped with a T&T horizontal multistage 25 hp pump. Other features include: Thornton conductivity and ph monitors, hour meter which reads 7,635, temp controller, several flow meters and pressure gauges. Unit also equipped with a pre-treatment filter housing
Pressure Vessel Length, Diameter:
Pressure Vessel Rating, Material:
T&T horizontal multistage model #H76C2F33 E25A
Siemens 25 hp, 230/460v, 3ph, 60hz, 3525 rpm
conductivity, ph, hour meter, temp controller, flow meters, pressure guages
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