Reverse osmosis unit 150 gpm double pass


Subject: Reverse osmosis unit 150 gpm double pass
US Filter double pass brackish RO Rated at 150 GPM with the first pass being a 4:2:1 array, second pass being a 3:2:1 array. Instrumentation includes Rosemount Solucomp resesitivity/conductivity meters, a GLI model 63 PH meter, and Red Lion flow meters. Theese units are used and in excellent condition.
Pressure Vessel Length, Diameter:
Pressure Vessel Rating, Material:
Grundfos 15200177/0017, 241 GPM, 215 Ft. Head
Rosemount Solucomp Resesitivity/Conductivity meters, GLI model63 PH meter, Red Lion flow meters
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