Retail shelving, lozier gondola, entire 3,200 sf store


Subject: Retail shelving, lozier gondola, entire 3,200 sf store
Will deliver within a 500 mile Radius
of Burlington, VT (in United States
only) for cost of the rental truck
and related expenses (gas, tolls, etc).
Significantly less than freight!
* 128 linear feet wall shelving around the store
* Includes 3 shelves for each 4 ft section
* Also includes 2,000 peg hooks
* Isles are 6ft tall, totally 200 linear feet
* 24 linear feet just in endcaps!
* 1" Vertical adjustability
* Two position tilt-in bracket design
* Shelves install flat or 17ยบ downslope
* Capacity up to 300 lbs
We are also selling wire bars, bins and additional peg hooks with no additional delivery charge. Great price if you are purchasing the whole lot.
We are willing to bring it to you
via a 26ft UHaul truck for the cost
of the rental, gas and related
expenses, excluding our time.
Receipts and details provided.
This is a huge amount of fixtures and
requires a 26ft truck!
Once you unload it and are not familiar
with how these units are put together, we
are willing to spend a couple of hours
with you showing you how to assemble them.
Details can be worked out once we
have agreement on the basic sale.
We welcome your questions
via email or direct at .