Restaurant guest 30 coaster pager system starter kit


Subject: Restaurant guest 30 coaster pager system starter kit
Complete, Ready-to-Use Guest Coaster Pager System
This LRS 30 Guest Pager System normally retails for $2,900.00 or more. This $2,199 special price may be the lowest price available on the internet or anywhere!
FoodSoftware is an authorized LRS reseller. This offer is for new equipment, fully warranted by the manufacturer for two years and includes a 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee*.
Guest Coaster Pager shown in optional Cool Blue, right. Default color is smoked gray as shown above.
Guest pagers make great first impressions by giving patrons confidence that they will not get lost in the crowd during rush hours. They are the simplest and most cost effective method to be sure guests are called in a timely manner. The PA noise from repeatedly calling guests is eliminated and the dining experience is improved. Instead of numerous hosts trying to locate waiting parties, guests are instantly alerted and then return with flashing pagers so you know exactly who’s paged.
With guest paging, patrons feel committed to staying at your restaurant so there are fewer walk-aways. Table turns are increased as seating time is reduced and your bottom line is improved.
* Locate waiting guests quickly and economically.
* Prevent calling mispronounced names on the PA system.
* Enhance the atmosphere of your waiting area by reducing noise.
* Improve overall guest satisfaction.
* Reduce wait time and turn more tables.
* Commit patrons to waiting and reduce walk-aways.
* Coaster shapes encourage drink purchases while waiting
When guests arrive, they are greeted by a host and given a pager. The host writes the pager number and seating preferences on paper. Pagers double as drink coasters and suggest drink purchases while waiting in the lounge. Guests are free to roam within a programmed range (adjusted by the restaurant, up to .75 miles). If they go out of range, pagers beep until they get back in range.
When tables are ready, the host enters the pager ID into the transmitter keypad and the pager flashes and vibrates. (Flashing modes are programmable from the restaurant.) Guests notice the coaster and return to the host, who then shows them to their table.
The starter kit includes fifteen guest pagers, an ideal number for restaurants with maximum wait times of twenty minutes. Individual pagers may be purchased separately.
You can determine your pager requirements by taking your longest wait time (in minutes) and dividing by 1.5. For example, if wait time is 30 minutes, you need about 20 pagers. We don’t advise handing out pagers for waits longer than one hour.
If a restaurant is located in a mall or shopping center, guests may need greater flexibility so they can shop while they wait, and may want a call on their cell phone. Guests are handed pagers if they prefer to wait inside the restaurant, or optional cell phone paging, they can give their cell phone number so they are called instead. Cell phone paging uses a pre-recorded message from your restaurant.
Cell phone paging is great when you are located near other restaurants where guests tend to put their names on multiple lists and see who calls them first.
The Cell Phone Paging feature is not included in the starter kit and is $225 additional.
The guest paging systems is simple to install (plug-n-play) and offers the following features:
* Simple do-it-yourself installation
* UHF frequency for greater range and pageability (not 27 MHz!)
* Anti-theft mode to significantly reduce pager loss
* Auto locate mode for finding misplaced pagers at the end of a shift
* Duty paging for alerting personnel hourly, daily, etc (great for bathroom reminders)
* Flashing “active” light shows pager is working
* Patented stack-charging method allows recharging pagers in any direction
* Optional manager paging and cell phone paging
* 2 Year warranty on all parts
* 30 Coaster Call pagers (available in Smoked color or Cool Blue)
* Charging bases (for up to 30 coaster pagers)
* Lobster-shaped pagers also available for seafood restaurants
Your guest paging kit can easily be expanded to fit your needs with additional:
* Coaster chargers (1 required for every 15 coaster pagers)
* Flash, Beep, Vibrate and Glow paging modes
* Large size: 4” x 4” x .75”, 4 ozs.
* Shock-absorbing bumper around all edges
* UHF frequency for greater range and penetration (not inferior 27mHZ)
* Up to 48 hours on a single charge
* Return address label area on the back
* UHF frequency for greater range and penetration (not inferior 27mHZ)
* Smallest size available: 4” x 8” so it fits easily on any hostess stand
* 4-line display with multiple menus
* “Any-Orientation” means coasters don’t need to stack in the same direction or on angles like most competitors.
* Each charging base safely handles up to 15 coasters.
* Easily connectable so you can charge up to 100 coasters on one outlet.
* Lifetime warranty plans available
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