Renfert vario jet recycling sandblaster, dental lab


Subject: Renfert vario jet recycling sandblaster, dental lab
Renfert Vario Jet Recycling Sandblaster
The Vario-Jet is the ideal recyclable blaster for rational and intensive sand-blasting.It can be used in automatic or manual mode.
The technical construction of the Vario-Jet has optimised the exact synchronisation of blasting parameters (pressure, time and grain size). Nozzle distance and angle are also harmonised to the direction of the basket rotation so that a 100% hit rate is achieved in the shortest time possible.
With one easy hand motion the basket can be removed from its holder. This allows great freedom of movement within the large and well-lit chamber.Impulses are sent to the unit via the 360°, all-round operation foot switch.
* programme selection via touch-control pad.
* blasting pressure adjustable from 1 to 6 bar. (14.5-87 psi)
* pressure information via manometer.
* highly resistant, coated glass screen.
* additional protective grate to prevent premature glass wear due to erosion.
* cotton wool lined protective gloves.
* easy-to-open coarse separator.
* inlet opening and con-nection for a compressed air driven unit (fine sand-blasting unit, deflasking chisel, air blast nozzle)
* bright illumination with over 2000 LUX.
* automatic control of an external extraction unit with controlled run-on time between 5 and 30 sec.
One of the unique features of the Vario-Jet is the technology of the extraction channels. They are constructed so that only the unusable fine dust particles are being extracted. This saves up to 50% of the blasting material.
The Vario-Jet can also be connected to a central dust extraction.
The large blasting basket allows up to 7 framework castings to be blasted simultaneously. A rubber sleeve prevents clasps getting caught during rotation. The base of the basket is protected against impact. For more space during manual function the basket can be easily removed.
The control elements are easy to view and easy to clean. The touch-control pad is hermetically sealed. In the automatic mode, the blasting time can be adjusted between 1 and 60 min. The current time setting is shown on an LED display. The Start, Hold, and Stop functions can be used to control the Vario-Jet in the automatic mode.
All connections are located on the rear of the unit.
* The Vario-Jet is fitted for connection to a central or external dust extraction unit. An external extraction unit is connected to the rotation blaster via the power supply. This enables control of the extraction unit via the Vario-Jet.
* Additional units such as a fine sandblasting unit (e.g. basic MOBIL no. 2914), deflasking chisel (e.g. Power-Pillo no. 5022-3000) or air blast nozzle (e.g. Nr. 1371-0000) can be attached directly onto the integrated compressed air connection.
* The air filter and water separator ensure ideal blasting conditions.
* Easily accessible power fuse.
Please allow 10-15 days for delivery.
All items are new nothing ever used.
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