Renfert tripla type 6 e spot welding & soldering dental


Subject: Renfert tripla type 6 e spot welding & soldering dental
Renfert Tripla Type 6 e Spot Welding and Soldering
Unit Contains: 1 Tripla Type 6 E, 1 foot switch, electric, 1 carbond electrode 6mm, 1 carbon electrode 8mm, 1 copper electrode long 70mm, 2 copper electrode short 45mm, 1 copper electrode angled, 2 clamp electrodes large, 1 universal holder for electrodes, 1 allen key
The Power-Pillo is a maintenance-free deflasking chisel for the removal of plaster and investment material. Its special sturdy construction is designed for permanent use.
* removable hand electrodes for free-hand welding or soldering.
* finely adjustable electrode distance and electrode pressure prevents distortion during spot-welding.
* finely adjustable current for adding large chrome cobalt pieces up to the finest precious metal wires.
* welding time infinitely adjustable from 0-2 sec.
* switch from soldering to spot welding (possible without changing electrodes).
* spot-welding control via optical and acoustic signal.
* foot control for soldering and welding power as well as opening the fixed electrodes.
* extensive range of accessories.
* for wires, clasps, solder etc.
* choice between hand-held or fixed electrodes.
* protection from over-heating via welding time control.
* suitable for dental alloys (not titanium).
* freehand soldering with carbon electrodes.
* model soldering with copper electrodes.
* suitable for dentalalloys (not titanium).
Items are sealed in factory boxes.
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