Reid ashman octet manipulator OM975 014-1031-00


Subject: Reid ashman octet manipulator OM975 014-1031-00
Condition: Preowned, Good Condition
* Head Weight Sag Compensation: -1* - +4*
* Head and Cable Weight: 350-1000
* Tilt Stability Angle: > 10*
* Vertical Max Range @ Center Of Twist: 70.2" - 28.2"
* Vertical Min. Range @ Center Of Twist: 60.2" - 18.2"
* Reach (C of G of Head to Base): 24.8"+/- 3.0"
* Designed to minimize set-up time and to assure reliable, safe performance between two Automated Test Equipment (ATE) devices by providing precise positioning with minimal force.
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