Redwood wood slab writing desk conference table, hamari


Subject: Redwood wood slab writing desk conference table, hamari
Gorgeous Redwood Slab Writing Desk or Conference Table
This desk is where million dollar contracts should be signed!
The top of this Desk is a 3 1/2 inch thick Old Growth Redwood slab, this is a Single piece of wood. Huge, it measures 8 feet across, and 5 feet deep...And what a conversation piece!
Not for the faint of heart...This is a Statment piece, for the executive with everything... A RARE Find!
The base is an incredible crescent Redwood Root, I cut it from a massive root base, chosen for the beautiful natural half circle shape. The desk chair fits into the base with plenty of legroom. Across the front, there is also enough room to allow for chairs across the front, perfect for contracts, but large enought to use as a conference table...measures 12 feet + on the front curve, enough for up to 6 chairs. Base has adjustable feet to accomodate whatever flooring you might have
Tables can be created for you with or without Stone Inlay.
About Redwood: This Old Growth Redwood comes from the Massive "Costal Redwood", these trees were first cut for logging back in the 1850's...they are now very protected. But the Roots and Stumps are from those first logging operations were left behind. Now, decades later the wood has been "salvaged" from the stumps and is available for some amazing furniture. The wood from these trees may date back 2,000 years (or more). Incredible when you think the tree this table is made from, may have been growing at the time Christ walked the earth!
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