Razor 10 foot, 10 gauge shear with backgauge


Subject: Razor 10 foot, 10 gauge shear with backgauge
Engage Machinery offers the most affordable powered shearing options in the HVAC sheet metal industry today. The Razor was developed for accuracy, dependability and flexibility.
The Razor uses robust, dependable hydraulics that feature sealed lines, pressure relief valves and electrically actuated valves for long life and trouble-free performance.
Independent hydraulic hold- downs ensure that the material is secured a split second before cutting for accuracy. The blades are constructed of high-grade, carbon chrome blades that are designed to last. Hold-downs are neoprene coated so that your parts are mark-free. The upper blade has two edges and the bottom blade has four edges to minimize blade sharpening and maintenance.
The electrical control includes a foot switch with single stroke or continuous operation. All motors and pumps are overload protected and comply with international electrical standards.
The machine requires 230v, 3 phase and 90 cfm air pressure.