Randell 120" pizza prep table


Subject: Randell 120" pizza prep table
CABINET EXTERIOR: Unit top and raised rail is formed from four piece 20 gauge stainless steel with a 1-1/2" 90° nosing/top turndown. The raised refrigerated rail is mechanically cooled and has one single opening to allow flexible pan configurations. The interior rail is constructed of three-piece construction with coved corners for easy cleaning. Rail holds 6" deep pans - not included. The pans set on an integral recessed pan ledge (1" at front and 3" at rear) making clean-up easy without requiring the removable of any pan supports. a removable mullion (below the intersection of the two covers) allows the addition of one more 1/3 pan when removed. Has hinged removable stainless steel covers, fabricated from 20 gauge stainless steel, covers which maximum access to the pans. Unit bottom and exterior back are galvanized metal. Exterior ends are finished in stainless steel. New hinged louver for easier cleaning of the coil and draining the rail. Unit mounted on 6" (overall) high swivel casters (front two with locks).
CABINET BASE INTERIOR: Interior floor, rear and top are anodized aluminum. Base interior ends and door openings are thermoformed high impact ABS. Each section has (1) removable interior epoxy-coated wire shelf. The base is foamed in place polyurethane insulation with a minimum thickness of 2".
DOORS: Stainless steel front with easy to grasp recessed handles. Doors mounted on heavy duty stainless steel concealed type hinges with pivot pin in nylon bushing. Door interior is deep drawn thermoformed high impact ABS with press-fit replaceable magnetic gaskets, designed for long life and easy maintenance. Doors are foamed in place polyurethane insulation.
REFRIGERATION SYSTEM: The system utilizes R-404a refrigerant and is provided with a hot gas condensate evaporation system. Dual refrigeration system with independent controls for the base and the rail. The base has a blower coil with a dedicated metering device and solenoid valve allowing the thermostatic control to independently control the base temperature. The raised mechanically cooled rail is controlled utilizing an expansion valve metering device with its own solenoid valve and thermostat. An on/off switch, located directly behind the hinged louver, allows the rail to be shut off independently of the base. A pressure control is provided to monitor the dual systems performance.
• Meets 1998 NSF/ANSI Standard 7,41° F Product Temperature Requirements
• Recessed Wrapped Coldwall Rail with Exclusive Separate temperature controls & Expansion valve for base and rail.
• Press Fit Magnetic Removable Gaskets
• Separate Dual Control System for Rail & Base Allows Shutting Rail Off at Night for Up to 60% Energy Savings
• Condensing unit with Hot Gas Condensate Evaporator
• Hinged Louver for panel for easy access to drain gate valve, rail temperature control and cleaning of condenser coil
• rail drain for easy clean-up
ELECTRICAL: The unit has a 8’ power cord and 3-wire grounded plug, 115 volt, 60 hertz, single phase operation.
This equipment is intended for use in rooms having an ambient temperature of 86°F (30°C) or less.