Radiant barrier superr premium contractors pallet


Subject: Radiant barrier superr premium contractors pallet
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Super R Premium Commercial Grade Foil Radiant Barrier Insulation is an amazing product that works great with claims of up to 40% saving in your energy exspense. It is light weight, and easy to install. Made of 99% Aluminum double layer that is reinforced and blocks out and amazing 97% radiant heat going in or out the ceiling of your home or building. This product is also perforated for moisture vapor. This product is new in box from the manufacture and can save you money winter and summer too! Easy to install, all you need is are scissors and a staple gun. This product is designed to be put over existing attic insulation or stapled to the rafters to prevent radiation heat loss in the winter and radiation heat increase this summer, for as long as you own your home. This product is same type material used in space exploration. This has been tested by numerous Universities including Oak Ridge Laboratories in Tennessee. This product has a fire safety rating of Class A/ Class 1. Installation instuctions will be included. I am a supplier for the Largest supplier of Radaint Barrier Products in the Country and offer all products and in any quantity
Two-Sided reflecting 99% pure aluminum foil with reinforced scrim
Machine Direction: 13.5 lb/in width
Cross Direction: 14.0 lb/in width
Emissivity 0.03 (Reflects 97% of Infrared Energy)