Rack oven single phase lang lro-1G bakerseries gas,


Subject: Rack oven single phase lang lro-1G bakerseries gas,
Roll-In Rotating Rack Ovens SINGLE PHASE
Exclusive Vertiflow Heat Exchanger Design
No Blowers or Airflow Switches!
* Provides high quality and high volume roasting and cooking
* Single and double rack models, all stainless steel construction
* Heavy-duty lift and rotation system
* Programmable for 60 menu items, with 5 events for time, temperature,
steam, vent and blower functions
* High volume steam generator
* Accommodates single side-load, single end-load and double roll-in racks with "B"
style lift. (Scroll Down to View Rack Accommodations for this particular model)
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LRO-1G: 175,000 BTU/hr.; LRO-2G: 290,000 BTU/hr
Circulation Blower: 240volt 1 phase (add 15amps to the specs)
Integral hood meets Type I and Type II requirements for hood construction. Consult local codes for Type I hood requirements.
BakerSeries® Gas, Roll-In Rotating [Single] Rack Oven Model: LRO-1G
18" X 26" Full-Sheet Pans*
12" X 20" X 4" Hotel Pans **
1-1/2 lb. Loaves of Bread
Accommodates one standard side load or end load rack.
* Heavy duty 300 Series stainless steel interior and exterior
* VertiFlow® vertical stainless steel tube heat exchanger.
* Cooking compartment insulated with 5" thick high-temp insulation.
* Fully integrated ventilation hood assembly, with single point exhaust connection.
* Automatic heavy duty rack lift and rotation system.
* Cookie chamber illuminated by externally mounted florescent lamp.
* Heavy duty door with single pane 9.75" X 57.5" viewing window
* Interior safety door-release mechanism.
* Accommodates one standard side load or end load rack.
* Heat Exchanger provides high heat transfer efficiency and quick temperature recovery
* VertiFlow® System uses natural draft effect for air intake & exhaust, eliminating need for blowers, motors and airflow switches
* 200-550°F Cooking temperature range
* Steam system uses large 380-lb. thermal mass, gravity feed waterfall. No nozzles or orifices to clog.
* Rotating rack and even heat distribution ensure uniform baking and browning.
* Self-adjusting slip clutch on rotating system protects operator and oven from damage and automatically stops rack in unloading position.
* Integrated hood meets NFPA 96 & Uniform Mechanical Code requirements for Type I & Type II Construction
* 20 gauge stainless steel body
* Hood provides 4.5 square feet of effective filter area, with filter velocity of 120 FPM, .03" wc at 530 CFM
* Single point 8" round vent duct, velocity: 1,520 FPM at 530 CFM
* Rack lift & rotation system activates automatically, when door is closed.
* Simple digital TIME & TEMP Displays
* Programmable for temp., time, steam, blower delay, vent cycling steam and cycling blower.
* Easy direct manual operation
* STOP, START, Vent & Fan touch pads.