R&s SMIQ06B vector signal generator, 300 khz to 6.4 ghz


Subject: R&s SMIQ06B vector signal generator, 300 khz to 6.4 ghz
R&S SMIQ06B/B11/B19/B20 Vector Signal Generator, 300kHz to 6.4 GHz
* Broadband I/Q Modulator with outstanding Vector Accuracy and high intermodulation suppression
* Digitally Modulated Signals up to 7 Msymbol/s
* Analog and Digital Modulation Capabilities as well as simultaneous modulation capability
* Generation of TDMA and CDMA Signals to all Main Mobile Radio Standards
* Ready for 3rd generation mobile testing
* Type-approval Testing of Digital Base and Mobile Stations
* Sensitivity Measurements on Digital Receivers
* Base-station Transmitter Test
* Tolerance Tests on Digital Systems
* Development of New Digital Communication System
Accessories included: Copy of Operator's Manual.
More about the instrument: As you can see in the pictures, it is in good condition with few signs of wear and tear. Photos on this page are of an item similar to the one offered here. It is in the same good condition.
* B11: Internal Data Generator
* B19: Rear connectors for RF and LF
* B20: Digital modulation coder
In the past U.S. user's have been reluctant to purchase used Rohde & Schwarz equipment, even though it is very high quality, because it could only be serviced in Europe. Should service be needed in the USA, there is now a Rohde & Schwarz full service center in Columbia MD. Here is a link to their website: http://www.rohde-schwarz.com/us/faq.html
Guaranteed to be clean and fully operational, with 14-day right of return.
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