Quickie s-11 power wheelchair w/ batteries blue or red


Subject: Quickie s-11 power wheelchair w/ batteries blue or red
The Quickie S-11 is the most stable mid-wheel drive chair in its class. It's small enough to use indoors and large enough to take on the street. It features large 7in. front casters to negotiate tall curbs, and all 6 wheels are designed to stay in contact with the road, providing excellent stability. The S-11 is also one of the fastest chairs in its class. For a chair that is ready to go - tough and dependable - check out the Quickie S-11. You won't regret it.
The Quickie S-11 breaks down into 5 components: seat, 2-batteries, front frame-section, and rear frame-section. This modular design makes the S-11 easy to load into the back of a crowded automobile, van, or truck.
When it comes to speed, the Quickie S-11 is no slouch. Its 5 mph max speed is one of the fastest in its class.
All six wheels are designed to maintain constant contact with the ground. Chairs without constant contact often become tippy on inclines and uneven surfaces.
A pivot-frame suspension and large 7" front casters give the S-11 the necessary muscle to tackle some of the toughest curbs.
A great optional accessory for shopping or transporting personal items is the swing-away basket. The basket mounts in front of the chair for easy access. When not in use, it swings to the side and folds flat against the chair.
The battery compartment is easily accessed by pivoting the seat forward and removing the Velcro® attached shroud. Complete removal of the seat is not necessary.
The standard flip-up footplate provides over 5" of height adjustment and 3"of length adjustment. These two adjustments open up a wide range of user sizes.
The Quickie S-11 shroud is available in either red or blue.
Sturdy chair construction is designed to accommodate users up to 300 lbs.
The Quickie S-11 features optional swing-away footrests and elevating legrests. These features are perfect for users who require additional leg positioning. If still more positioning is required, the S-11 also features a flat seat pan that supports a wide variety of custom rehab seat cushions.
Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code:
base only w/out batteries 97 lbs.
25.5 in. d / 34 in. w/ 30.75 in.h
Ground, Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day
250 lb. w/ batteries, pallet, and box
10" alum rims with solid inserts
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