Quickie aspire power electric wheelchair mid wheel


Subject: Quickie aspire power electric wheelchair mid wheel
BRAND NEW w/ Grey Vinyl Upholstery (Grey Cloth available at no additional cost)
The new improved Quickie AspireĀ®, formerly named Guardian Aspire, is Sunrise Medical's response to the call for a smaller, lighter, more maneuverable mid-wheel drive chair. With a mini base and controlleris non-programmable has four shroud colors, and a compact footprint, the Quickie Aspire stands apart as a comfortable, maneuverable, stylish alternative to many chairs in today's mid-wheel drive market.
The Quickie Aspire features independent suspension on all 6 wheels. This system helps smooth curb-impact, prevents hi-centering, and dampens the rebound on today's rugged street terrain. The Aspire is also one of the fastest chairs in its class.
The Quickie Aspire features one of the smallest footprints in the industry for a mid-wheel drive chair. This means that the Aspire can maneuver in tight confined living quarters and fit into smaller storage spaces that larger mid-wheel drive chairs are unable to manage.
The Quickie Aspire features both a standard comfort seat and an optional rehab seat-pan with comfort backrest. The seat-pan options is excellent for users who may need added pressure relief and/or positioning.
Readi-align caster attachment is available as an option. This feature bolts onto the caster fork. If the chair approaches a curb at a sharp angle, the readi-align caster attachment helps re-square the caster wheel so it rides up over the curb at a perpendicular angle.
The Quickie Aspire features a true center-wheel drive design. By positioning the drive axle directly under the user, the chair is able to turn in place. This also makes driving the chair much more intuitive.
The Quickie Aspire features a number of updated design features. A few of these include: A redesigned armrest that protects the adjustment knob and allows the armrest to pull in closer to the backrest, which allows access to narrow passageways. A wider more sturdy footplate. Longer charging cords, joystick cords, and seatbelts.
The onboard battery charger plugs into the front of the chair just under the seat. This convenient location allows the user to plug in the charger without leaving the chair.
Optional swing-away footrests and legrests are available to meet a variety of rehab needs.
The Quickie Aspire is divided into four chair groupings: the M10, a mini-size model designed for K0010 HCPCS coding; the F10, a full-size model designed for K0010 HCPCS coding; the M11, a mini-size model designed for K0011 HCPCS coding; the F11, a full-size model designed for K0011 HCPCS coding.
Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code:
Seat w/arm & controller 44.5 lbs.
Mini -38.5 in. with footplate; 32 in. without footplate
Mini -31 in. / 24 in. / 30 in.
Mini - 10 in. x 3 in. Flat Free
Sunrise Medical offers the most dependable wheelchair on the market today. Sunrise warrants the frame of the Guardian Aspire for five years. This includes a two year warranty on the main electronic controller; a one year warranty on the motor, gear boxes and joystick; and three month warranty on all other parts and components. Please reference the User Instruction Manual for detailed warranty information.
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