Quality 40 watt laser engraving machine


Subject: Quality 40 watt laser engraving machine
The absolute best import machine on the market today. This unit will help in the continued growth in your engraving and cutting business!
Characteristics of the Mini laser engraver series:
Easy operation via PC and software - JPG, GIF, BMP graphic files data formats can be processed.
No pre- or post-processing - The cutting edge has a very good surface finish and the top side is free of scratches.
Minimal influence on the material - no contact processing allows no force effects. The zone influenced through heat is minimal and the material structure remains.
No tooling costs are incurred, as there is no wear and tear on the laser point.
Waste and noise levels are much lower than at most conventional machines.
Internal power transformer (no external power supply to clutter your workspace!)
Applicable materials: wood, bamboo, anodized metals, organic glass, crystal, plastic, garments,
paper, leather, rubber, ceramic, glass and other nonmetal materials
1) Control system: micro controller
4) Engraving and size: 280mm x 200mm (8"x11.75" approx)
6) Laser tube type: CO2 sealed glass
8) Engraving accuracy: 0.025mm
10) Power AC: 110v / 50 - 60Hz
Replacement spare laser tubes available in our store.
1yr Manufacturer Warranty on Laser Engravers
All warranty issues will be handled via A4dable Woodworking Equipment in coordination with
the manufacturer's warranty policies.
If you experience a problem or have any questions please complete the following steps:
Document the issue and take pictures or screenshots if possible
Email documentation to us as listed in your literature.
We will respond within 48 hrs.
Please allow 20 - 30 days for delivery