Qiagen autowork bio robot 9604 mol biology workstation


Subject: Qiagen autowork bio robot 9604 mol biology workstation
The BioRobot 9604 is a molecular biology workstation for automated nucleic acid purification from clinical samples and cell cultures. High-quality nucleic acids are ready to use in the most demanding and sensitive downstream assays performed by laboratories involved in molecular diagnostics, as well as drug discovery, pharmaceutical, and plasma-fractionation facilities.
* Standardized, automated procedures for molecular diagnostics
* Consistent yields and reliable results using QIAGEN technologies
* Efficient nucleic acid preparation from clinical samples
* Complete sample tracking and process documentation
* Reproducible processing of up to 2 x 96 samples in parallel
The BioRobot 9604 optimizes workflow for molecular diagnostics and drug discovery. System components are designed to simplify standardization of routine procedures for highly reproducible results. Ready-to-run protocols are easy to use and require minimal operator interaction, improving safety by reducing contact with potentially infectious samples.
From positive identification of primary samples to automatic archiving for compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) requirements, complete process documentation is an integral part of all BioRobot 9604 protocols.
System components, such as the vacuum manifold, provide standardized processing for reliable results.
The BioRobot 9604 is intended as a microtiter diluting and dispensing device. No claim or representation is intended for its use in identifying any specific organism or for clinical use (diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic, or blood banking). It is the user’s responsibility to validate the performance of the BioRobot 9604 for any particular use, since its performance characteristics have not been validated for any specific organism. The BioRobot 9604 may be used in clinical diagnostic laboratory systems after the laboratory has validated their complete system as required by CLIA ‘88 regulations in the U.S. or equivalents in other countries.
This is used, but in good condition.
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