Qfa-300 fluid analyzer


Subject: Qfa-300 fluid analyzer
Health Science Products QFA-300
29cm x 23cm x 4cm (11.38" x 9.02" x 1.48")
Increases understanding of the effectiveness of treatment protocols by analyzing the affects on body chemistry.
Allows for qualitative comparison of readings between visits.
Allows for greater confidence in making recommendations to patients.
Enables medical professionals to compare patient numbers with optimal numbers.
Portable unit can be transported easily.
Device can be used to test water on-site.
Small yet sturdy unit designed for years of use.
Tests can be used as a part of an annual physical examination.
Data can be used for recommending changes in diet to optimize health.
*Applicable CPT codes can be provided by HSP, LLC
Computer running Microsoft Windows XP or XP Professional
*Per FDA regulations, the analysis software must be sold separately. It can be purchased from the following companies:
Family Technologies (www.famtech.com)
Natural Analytics (www.naturalanalytics.com)
Measures pH, redox, and resistivity
ADCM is machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum
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Components covered under warranty are the ADCM (12 months), Valve Assembly, Sensor Harness, pH Sensor, Reference Sensor, Redox Sensor, Conductivity/Temperature Sensor, RS-232 Serial Cable, and the AC Power Adapter (3 months).
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This device is intended for certified health care professionals and personnel for the specific medical use of analyzing the electrochemical data of human fluid samples as a guide for dietary recommendations. This unit is not for use by consumers and is not a home test kit.
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