Pull test hydraulic supply w/ instrumentation


Subject: Pull test hydraulic supply w/ instrumentation
This hydraulic supply was designed to power a 200,000 lbs pull test rig. Power was directed to a hydraulic cylinder that was attached to a frame which applied tension to a wire rope test sample up to 2oo,ooo lbs force. The major components are:
-15 hp electric motor, 1750 rpm, 230/460
-Volvo (now Voac) piston pump, 32 cm cu./per rev; with a JM/35/04 end mounted valve
-Rexroth 2 way directional control valve set up with 1 direction output and second direction blocked. This valve is pilot operated with a hand wheel located on the front panel. This valve can also be solenoid operated.
-The oil reservoir is 50" x 29" x 30" high
-0-50,000 lbs pull pressure range
-0-200,000 lbs pull pressure range
-Hydraulic pressure recorder, 0-5000 lbs
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