Pto farmi tractor skidding tree winch skidder log skid


Subject: Pto farmi tractor skidding tree winch skidder log skid
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The Farmi JL 290 skidding winches convert your tractor into a productive forest machine. The winch has a butt plate which can also be used for pushing snow and logs around the landing. The winch mechanism is modular. This unique Farmi feature makes service and maintenance easy because the entire winch mechanism can be taken off the frame by removing 6 bolts.
The cable free-wheels out easily. An adjustable drum brake reduces risk for tangle and backlash when the cable is pulled out. The cable is wound in by engaging the clutch. The operator pulls on a control rope and the winch starts winching in. The winch winds in only as long as the operator pulls on the control rope.
The Normet clutch engages smoothly and gradually. The harder the control rope is pulled, the more power is transferred to the cable. The operator has, at all times, a feel of the winching speed and the required pulling capacity. He can change the pull from zero to 6400 lbs. or anything in between, at any time. The clutch will slip when the load is heavier than the selected pull. This prevents damage to the cable or winch even if the load gets hooked behind a stump or root. The clutch has a 5-year parts warranty.
The winch is designed with a high pulling point; this is very beneficial in creating down-pressure on the winch when winching. The down-pressure pushes the blade into the ground, anchoring the winch and tractor in place.
After the trees are winched in, they are hooked to the notched beam. The ends of the logs are then lifted off the ground by raising the 3-point hitch.
Clutch adjustment, brake adjustment, cable replacement and all other service can be done without any disassembly of the winch. When winching from the tractor seat, one must have the optional protective screen installed between the winch and the operator. The tractor must be equipped with a ROPS cab and front-end weights for safe operation in a forest.
Drum capacity: 290 ft. of 5/16" cable
Winching speed: 40-200 ft. per minute
Clutch: Mechanical friction plate clutch with heat sink
Power Transmission: Universal shaft from tractor
Mounting: To Category I or II 3-point hitch
Recommended Tractor Size: Min. 17 HP, max. 30 HP
The winches are sold with 165 ft. of 5/16" steel core
wire rope, end hook for wire rope and universal shaft
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