Proseal style 42" heavy-duty pouch mounter laminator


Subject: Proseal style 42" heavy-duty pouch mounter laminator
D&K Superstick 42" Pouch Laminator
Mounts using Pouch Boards and more
The Superstick 42" Pouch laminator is a heavy duty pouch wide format laminating machine. It features variable speed, heated top and heated top roller. It features fast set-up and straight forward operation and larger diameter rollers than comparable units. It can be placed on a table-top or on the stand (optional and we have in stock).
Compare the Superstick Pouch laminator to the ProSeal and other pouch mounters and you will see it does everything pouch mouning systems do and gives you more options for other materials and applications. The variable speed and larger roll size make this the pouch laminator for higher heat requirements (such as canvas laminating and using materials such as Sintra, Gator and masonite). The pouch laminator also process materials up to 1/2" thick and 10 mil film, also an industry leading specification. Compare this to the ProSeal, Ledco and other pouch laminators and you will see this is the pouch laminator if you need to do a wide range of display applications.
Like other Pouch Mounter laminators, the Superstick Laminator is easy to use right out of the box. It uses standard 110V power (20 amp service required) and plugs into a wall outlet. Turn it on and wait for the green ready light, adjust the opening of the laminator to the size of the boards you are using and insert your artwork. It's that easy and produces professional display results from HP, Canon, Epson and other wide format inkjet printers.
You can use the Superstick Pouch laminator to mount you prints on a wide range of graphic boards (Foam Board, Gator, Sintra, Masonite), mount and laminate in one-step with Pouch boards and laminate film only on your prints either both sides or single-sided. This unit can do almost all of the presentation requirements and with its adjustable speed up to 3" per minute, can also process cold films as economically as well.
The Superstick 42" Laminator features:
* Spring loaded Variable roller pressure for smooth even lamination
* Mounts prints to boards up to 1/2" thick
* Processes films up to 10 mils thick
* Variable speed from 6" per minute to 3' per minute
* Digitally controlled heat controls
* Compactdesign fits easily on a table or cart
* Rugged silicone non-stick rollers
* Speed 6" to 3 feet per minute
* Maximum thickness of board 1/2" thick
* Electrical Requirements 110V 15A
Built in USA by D&K Group, a leading manufacturer of laminating equipment for over 30 years.
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