Proofmaster V3 proofing rip (category 4)


Subject: Proofmaster V3 proofing rip (category 4)
(Macintosh or PC Based - Drives 2 Cat 4 Printers)
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The ProofMaster v3 base product already offers one of the most complete packages available in the industry today, offering both ConTone proofing and photo printing for a wide variety of file formats on Mac & PC (Multiplatform). It allows the inhouse production of certifiable color proofs as well as great looking photographic and large format prints.
Standard features such as the integration and matching of high-end color managed workflows for a variety of file formats, multichannel input & output, CXF compatibility and substrate texture simulation make it ideal for design or pre-press agencies and printing houses requiring a color accurate simulation of the final production quality.
Other features such as contact sheets & templates, production tools, support of color settings via Adobe CSF, Fotoba cutting marks, acceptance of Exif and RAW data make ProofMaster ideal for photographers. Industrial photographers will also be interested in the proofing functionalities allowing an accurate simulation of the press quality.
ProofMaster's modular structure offers increased flexibility, offering you the possibility to add product options as your company will expand.
Base product key features overview:
* Mac OS X / Windows XP Pro (Service Pack 2)
* Drives up to 2 IP/USB/FW printers as standard (choose from 5 printer driver categories)
* Workflow automation via multiple input and output folders
* Matching of high-end color managed workflows (CMYK, RGB or Lab)
* Color accuracy through standard & customized ICC profiles
* Multichannel input and output profiles
* Easy set-up of an unlimited number of proofing or photo printing queues and hot folders
* Accepts all the main file formats: PS, PDF (X3, X1a), eps, psd, ai, nCT/nLW, DCS2, TIFF (/IT) and also the RAW format for digital photography
* Simultaneous rendering and printing for higher efficiency
* Fast processing function for high-speed LFP production
* Standard editor offering a host of image editing, production tools and soft proofing
* Basic substrate texture simulation
* Customizable job ticket, also allowing import of EXIF data
* Use of standard and customized contact sheet templates
* Color setting import via Adobe CSF
* FOGRA / UGRA and GATF control strips
* Improved linearization and ink-bleeding
* Supports all common spectrophotometers from X-Rite & Gretag
Available ProofMaster v3 Options (Purchased Seperately)
In addition to the already very complete base product, the ProofMaster v3 software solutions suite also offers a number of options, each consisting of expert features for specific applications. The license server included in the base product makes it very easy for users to add one or more options at any point. It equally allows the integration of additional editor, RIP or printer driver licenses over the network.
The software’s modular structure allows the user to tailor its functionalities towards the requirements of the various application domains.
The functionalities of the RasterCreator and Cut! options are also available in the following standalone products:
ProofMaster rastercreator for silk screen printing - halftone screen - Rastercreator standalone
ProofMaster software rip for cutting plotters - Cut standalone
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Please note that in addition to these system requirements, users will require internet
access via Ethernet for printer connectivity and for receiving software updates.
USB (dongle - printer connection)
USB (dongle - printer connection)
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