Professional microdermabrasion machine ipeel


Subject: Professional microdermabrasion machine ipeel
This portable skin rejuvenation system fills the need of the traveling physician or aesthetician. It is cleverly packaged in its own Haliburton-style aluminum case and features a built-in stand, which, when unfolded, has adjustable legs to suit your needs.the iPeel is packed with power and the standard features of an emed system.
This unit has been taken very good care of and used for only approximately 20 hours total. This unit was used in a plastic surgery office and has been taken very good care of. It has just a few scratches on the bottom as it was transported between offices. This unit folds up just like a suitcase that you can pull by its handle and is ideal for transporting between offices. This unit is packed with power and uses aluminium oxide crystals without ANY clogging problems.
We will also include a rolling stand that the expandable legs can be put in to.
This unit is great for providing home or spa parties. We also have another ipeel unit that we absolutely would not part with. We are only selling this one because we have another unit just like it. Our business can function appropriately with one unit instead of two.
If you have any questions please email us!
This is the first fully portable microdermabrasion system. It weighs just 37 pounds, has a telescoping handle and wheels, comes with its own foldable stand with adjustable legs that easily sets up in minutes. This is rugged all metal carrying case.
The closed loop vacuum system delivers a precisely controlled volume of crystals that are immediately whisked away with the exfoliated tissue to a disposable storage container. Double filtration of residual crystals is accomplished using a combination of disposable and HEPA filters. The patented recharging system allows change of the crystal supply and waste matter without exposure ensuring maximum safety. The unit features a patented tungsten hand piece with for long life and reduced hand fatigue. Reusable/disposable macralon and stainless steel tip options are easily sterilized. This unit has been designed to allow the esthetician to control the energy and abrasion delivered to the skin ensuring a smooth and comfortable peel. A digital readout allows for precise timing of the procedure. A muffling system makes sure that operating decibels remain low.