Pro-log actek plc system cpu memory rs-232 sram card


Subject: Pro-log actek plc system cpu memory rs-232 sram card
Entire rack with the following cards:
Slot 2: Pro-Log, Written on tab: 7890A-07, On card: V20 CPU Card, Back Sticker: B372362, Rev 009, Printed on Card: PWB113571-003
Slot 3: Pro-Log, Written on tab: 7714A-01, On card: Memory Card, Back Sticker: B271709 Printed on Card: PWB112571-004
Slot 4: Pro-Log, Written on tab: 7717-01, On card: SRAM Card, Back Sticker: B372234, Rev. 006, Printed on Card: PWB113522-002
Slot 5: Pro-Log, Written on tab: 7715A-02, On card: Memory Card, Back Sticker: 8245444, Printed on Card: PWB112571-004
Slot 6: Actek, Written on tab: Blank, Back Sticker: Serial # 89060-09, Printed on Card: CB-81502-SE18, Rev.1
Slot 8: Actek, Written on tab: B20, Back Sticker: S/N 144-12 Printed on Card: CD-82505-SE28, Rev. 4
Slot 10: Actek, Written on tab: SE-27, REV 4
Slot 12: Ziatech, ZT8845, Rev A, Printed on card: PCB-8845-A
Slot 13: Pro-Log, Written on tab: 7312-05, On card: RS-232-C SCC Card, Back Sticker: B372570, Rev. 007 Printed on Card: PWB111742-005
Slot 14: Pro-Log, Written on tab: 7909A, On card: Termination Network Card, Back Sticker: B371983 Printed on Card: PWB113473-001
Bottom: Pro-Log, 7115, 15 slot Motherboard
Good used unit taken from a working machine!
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