Printronix industrial label printer 31 ppm high output


Subject: Printronix industrial label printer 31 ppm high output
*This printer was bought from Amoco Oil in East Chicago. It was up and running and has been tested. It was used by Amoco Oil to print large numbers of labels for 55 gallon barrels of oil. They were bought new in April 1998 and are still in great condition. We know they work, because they have been setup since purchase and tested.
~Voltage: 200, 220, 240 Volt / 50 or 60 Hz. Can be used in Europe and Canada as well as the US
~Comes with Catcher Basket and Paper Feed Tray
~Connects to computer through standard Printer port cable (included)
~Comes with Books, Fil and Disk how to use the printer
~300 x 300 dpi (also option of 240 x 240 and 400 x 400)
~Programmable non-impact Printer
~Printing Technique Plain paper electrophotographic process
~Frontload software via Floppy disk
~Self diagnostic circuits and software to aid in the assistance and prevention of system errors
~Developinig Unit: PRO/N 59401032, P/N AB5201G1
~Toner: Part Number 703532-001
~(3) Bottles Developer: L5031/L5024
~(3) Manuals: System Administrator's Manual, Operator's Guide, User's Manual