Primera laminator, accents ii disc, north america/japan


Subject: Primera laminator, accents ii disc, north america/japan
Primera Laminator, Accent II Disc, North America/Japan Plug, 400 Disc, Built in Power Supply, USB Cable and Inst.
Make Your Inkjet Printed CDs and DVDs Glossy, Highly-Water and Scratch-Resistant and Secure!
Direct-to-disc inkjet printing is by far the most popular full-color method of labeling CDs and DVDs. It's easy to see why. Inkjet offers the brightest colors, sharpest text, highest print resolutions, the lowest cost per-disc and the most photo-realistic images possible. But now, inkjet CD and DVD printing is about to get even better.
Introducing the Accent II Disc Laminator
Accent II is the world's first and only disc laminator. With Accent II, all of your discs can now be:
Secure (with optional holographic film)
Accent II lays down a thin layer of tough, transparent film that's only a few microns thick. The finish is smooth, glossy and professional - in fact, far better than offset quality or even commercial screen-printing. You've never seen anything quite like it before!
One of the best things about Accent II is that it allows you to experience all the advantages of inkjet printing and still produce rugged, robust discs. With inkjet - versus other full-color labeling alternatives - you get incredible print resolutions of up to 4800 dpi, photo-quality images that can't be beat, bold black text and the widest variety of choices for blank CD and DVD media instead of just a few expensive "approved" discs.
Protect and Enhance Your Discs With ClearCoat
ClearCoat is the most economical way to protect and enhance your discs. It laminates onto discs as clear as glass. Colors that already looked great become brighter and more vibrant than you would have?ever thought possible. ClearCoat is also highly water-resistant and prevents discs from being scratched or smudged. Accent II literally "accents" your discs!
Protect Your Valuable Content with AuthentiCoat
Our exclusive AuthentiCoat overlaminate films deliver an entirely new solution to the duplication industry. Utilizing the latest in patented holographic technology, this unique film clearly tells the world that your discs are authentic. Both standard and custom holographic patterns are available. Holographic films also have the same water and scratch resistance properties as ClearCoat films.
Create Your Own Custom Hologram
Custom holographic images can include company or product logos, graphics or text. These unique images are very difficult to duplicate. They provide you with an authentication feature that will frustrate even the most skilled counterfeiter! But perhaps best of all is the high end, professional image that you'll get on your CDs and DVDs. Just imagine having your company's logo in a holographic pattern on every disc you produce!
Stand-Alone or Automatic Operation
To laminate just a few discs at a time, simply place a disc in Accent II's input tray and press "Laminate." The lamination process is fast - just 7 seconds per disc. For completely automatic burn/print/laminate operation, Accent II easily attaches to Primera's ComposerMAX CD/DVD Duplicator (stand is required).
For the fastest possible throughput, add our new ADL-100 High-Speed Autoloader to your Accent II. The ADL-100 loads and unloads up to 100 discs at a time that have already been recorded and printed. Its unique, dual-picker mechanism delivers discs fast enough to automatically laminate 225 discs per hour!
Accent II is an advanced, second-generation disc laminator. It includes many additional features and benefits, including:
More Speed. Discs now laminate at 2.2" per second (about 7 seconds each) - a speed increase of about 30% per disc from the original Accent!
More Rugged. Many key mechanical components have been strengthened for heavy-duty, higher-volume use.
More Accurate Temperatures. And faster warm-up, too.
More Media. Many printable-surface discs, depending upon relative humidity, can become slightly warped or "cupped." Accent II's redesigned laminating tray and
disc clamping mechanism handles virtually all of these with ease.
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