Press hot 4 post 35 ton up acting


Subject: Press hot 4 post 35 ton up acting
Hydraulic 4 Post Hot Press 35 Ton
Laminating , Molding , or Transfer Press
This press is used but in very good condition. It is a Up acting type, where the bottom platen raises to meet the top. Both platens are heated electrically and cooled with water. Each platen has two sets of electric heater circuits. We roughly calculated each of the four heater circuits to be 20 kW, leaving the total heat capacity of the machine at 80 kW. The 5 HP hydraulic supply is built into the machine to make it a self contained press. Call with any questions.
* JH Woods a Wilmot Fleming Co
* Dual Barber- Colman Temperature Controllers
* Two Pressure dial indicators
* Height of top surface of bottom platen from ground: 48"
* Overall dimensions: 84" x 50" x 81" h