Precision baccini screen printer


Subject: Precision baccini screen printer
Originally designed as an ultra accurate PDP screen printer, manufactured by Baccini. This machine is suitable for 65" Plasma Display Panels. It has exceptional high accuracy over large sizes which are needed to reproduce the large patterns typical of PDP screens.
The following screen printing operations for PDP panels can be accomplished:
Machine specifications and features:
-Max screen frame O.D. 86" x 86"
-Printing accuracy +/- 5 to 8 um (.0002")
-Perfect alignment of the screen with the substrate by optical electronic vision alignment via 6 cameras
-Screen Z axis with independent side controls for programmable screen tilting against the work piece
-Programmable under-screen cleaner using Sontara Cleanmaster Fabric
-Print table and squeegees driven by Baccini linear motors
-Print table support and guides use air bearing pads
-Machine base and print table made from black granite
-Machine size: 2450 mm (96") x 3800 mm (149") x 1555 mm (61") ht. Weight 18,000 lbs
-Four conveyor belts recessed into table (driven by 2 motors) are raised to convey substrate to be printed onto table
-PLC by Elmo, mdl CLA-P10/1002, Wago I/O system 750-337 CANopen
-Designed to accept auto loading and unloading of glass panels, with the addition of hardware which could be secured from the manufacturer.
-Condition: Machine is essentially in unused condition having been operated only during test runs.
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